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ric▓h and the poor. In the United States, 3.1▓ percent of income earned annually went to▓ the poorest 20 percent of people, while 51.4 percent was▓ earned by the richest 20 percent (▓, October 10, 2015). Official data showed▓ that 46.7 million people were living in poverty in▓ 2014. ( In Delaware, the percentage of people living below the federal poverty line in 2014 was 12▓.5 percent, creeping up from 11.7 percent ▓in 2013. Nearly a quarter of residents of Wilmington, Delaw▓are lived below the poverty line. The poverty

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nters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that ea▓ch year, 48 million people suffered from▓ a foodborne illness, resulting in 128,000

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